High School Audition Tips

IMG_6665.JPGHey coffee lovers! I’ve been on quite a few auditions, more than I can count. Today I figured I’d share some do’s and don’t’s for auditioning (since I have an audition tomorrow), specifically for high school and middle grade productions. Enjoy!

  1.  Don’t stress too much!

A little adrenaline is important, a lot can mess you up. Remember, everyone is nervous and whoever you’re auditioning for knows that. Believe in yourself, and understand that you know the material you are performing. Confidence is key, and if you are calm and collected, it will show!


  1. Do have your material prepared!

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s sometimes overlooked. Even if you were not asked to memorize the monologue you may be doing, memorize it anyway. It looks good on your part. If you have sheet music or if you’re bringing your own music, make sure it’s easily accessible. If you take a long time getting your music ready, it can frustrate the auditioner (plus it will make you more nervous than you need to be).


  1. Don’t be unsociable!
    The others auditioning are not your enemies, they may be competition in some aspects, but they are most likely going to be working with you. Be kind to everyone auditioning, you never know who’s watching and the more pumped you get other people, the more pumped you will be. You’re all actors, and acting is about bringing people together.


  1. Do take notes!

The director may ask you to perform your piece in a different way, be prepared to do this! It doesn’t mean you messed up or did poorly, it just means that they want to see multiple takes on the piece. Make sure you take direction, it lets the director know you are easy to work with.


  1. Don’t perform something you are uncomfortable with!

If you are a 15 year old male, do not sing a song about the struggles of being a single mother! Sing or do a scene that you can relate to or convey well. Make sure if you’re singing, the song is in your range. If you can’t sing as high or as low as the song wants, pick another song. Showcase what you’re best at, not something that isn’t you.


  1. Do be courteous!

This goes with number three, but it’s so important. Please don’t talk excessively or have your phone on loud. Other actors are trying to get ready or maybe even be auditioning. It’s hard for some actors to get in the headspace they need when about to perform, so allow them the time to get that. Also, a motto I have is “wait until the car,”. Don’t talk about the audition (good or bad, but especially bad) until you leave. Talking about auditions can be taken as a bit impolite, so just trust me on this one.


These are just a few of my major tips, but I’d love to know yours! Let me know any auditioning stories you have below, and remember, grab a coffee and keep auditioning.

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