Halloween Movie Night and Get Spooky w/ Carson pt. 1

fullsizeoutput_156Hey coffee lovers (spooky edition)! It’s my favorite time of year: October, or more specifically, Halloween. I’m obsessed with all things scary and pumpkin flavored, so it’s a no brainer why this holiday is so much fun for me.

    To kickstart spooky week, I decided to have a Halloween Movie Night with my little sister, Millie. I’ve been feeling pretty bad recently since I’ve had a ton of club events after school, and I never really get to hang out with her. The two of us have this long-standing tradition of watching Halloweentown only in the month of October, no exceptions. This means we were due for another watch of our favorite spooky classic.fullsizeoutput_14f

    Friday I had school off, so I picked up some cookies (and a Salted Caramel Mocha) for us to eat during the movie. Then it was hot cocoa and pajama time! Millie and I got snuggled up in our favorite Halloween blankets from Target, and we had a blast. We added our own commentary and giggled at all of the 90s humor. All in all it was a great night!

    So, how else am I preparing for Halloween? I’ve actually been adding decorations to my room since September. My parents will be gone in Jamaica for Halloween weekend, so that leaves me to take charge in making Halloween super special for Millie. We’ve been planning our costumes since this summer. I will forever dress up on Halloween despite the fact that everyone in my grade hasn’t dressed up since elementary school, Halloween is for having fun! Millie is planning on being a unicorn (or alicorn as she has informed me because it has wings and a horn, and that is the proper term used in My Little Pony) and I’m going to be Belle because there’s a ton of little kids in our neighborhood who are obsessed with Beauty and the Beast.

    In other news, I’ve also recently developed a love for horror movies. If you have any good recommendations, please let me know! I think my favorite so far is Saw, even though it’s a bit of an oldy. I love the plot twist at the end of the first, and look forward to watching all seven. Though, I’m still puzzled (ha!) about how the franchize was able to make seven films! Another good one is The Shining, mainly because I love psychological horror and of course the almighty Stephen King. The early Chucky movies are good too! I still have yet to find a truly terrifying horror movie, but keep in mind the ones I mentioned aren’t necessarily the most scary movies. I like them because they have a good balance of plot and scare.

    In coffee news, the fall flavors of coffee have come out!!! Now I’m more of a winter flavors person, but am totally up for anything with cinnamon. I’ve found that all of the flavored coffees so far taste better hot, but that may just be personal preference. I do happen to love the pumpkin scone at Starbucks, which I’ve been getting a lot now that I’ve regained my gold membership. Also, fall coffee creamer makes me so happy! All of the International Delight flavors are really yummy. 10/10 would recommend! I’ve also been using their latte foams which make every coffee feel really fancy.


    I’m also getting ready to do pumpkins, and was wondering if everyone prefers carving or painting their pumpkins? I think I’m more team carving, but I did paint a white rabbit pumpkin for our neighborhood pumpkin patch and loved it! The pumpkin patch has pumpkins painted from each family, and my family decided to go with the Alice in Wonderland theme because we’re a hardcore Disney family. All of them look adorable, and there’s even a Pennywise pumpkin with a red balloon floating up. Neighborhood goals anyone?

    That’s it for this week’s fall update, but I’ll be back soon with my Halloween extravaganza! I’m super excited to take Millie trick-or-treating and watch some more horror movies. It’s sure to be an exciting October to say the least. Lastly latte lovers, don’t forget to grab a coffee and get hyped for Halloween!

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