Getting Spooky with Carson pt. 2

fullsizeoutput_15d.jpeg“Come with us and you will see, this, our town of Halloween!”

Hey coffee lovers, it’s Halloween (sort of)! For some reason the biggest street in my neighborhood did trick or treating this Saturday. It was just one street, but the street went hardcore. It was fun to just hang out for a night. After all, Halloween is my favorite night of the year.

My friend Alli came over after a swim meet (Finals! She did really well), and we got dressed as princesses. I decided to go with Sleeping Beauty instead of Belle and the little girls loved it. Alli actually had an awesome time just playing with all of them. She works with little kids as a lifeguard, so she was really in her element. It was super cute seeing her with a little girl on the hayride, the two were smiling and it was beyond adorable!


So let’s take it back a bit. Before we could go trick or treating, we needed a certain Halloween necessity: pumpkins! Millie and I carved some pumpkins together. She went with an original design that she did herself and I did a Jack Skellington pumpkin. I think her favorite part was scooping the insides out of the pumpkins though. Everytime I turned to see her she was shouting, “Guts, guts, guts!!!” We had to bundle up too. It was freezing, which was such a surprise. It went from being 80 degrees to being in the 30’s. We were not entirely prepared for the cold, but fuzzy socks fix everything.

I also got Halloween ready by watching the second Halloweentown and baking some spookily delicious snacks! I may or may not have messed up the witches fingers I made (apparently it is possible to burn white chocolate melts, whoops), but the chocolate chip cookies were yummy! Side note: the witch fingers, which were green white chocolate on pretzel rods with almond “nails”, still turned out good after a bit of work.

Alli and I had a ton of fun! We were determined to get the most candy possible, and I like to think we accomplished that. I’ve got enough candy to last me until… well if we’re being real probably only Thanksgiving, but it’s the thought that counts. We ended the night watching a comedy rather than a horror because Alli gets a little bit scared. By little bit I mean very, but I still love her!fullsizeoutput_15f

In other news, the play I’m in started rehearsals. I’m in two one acts: “The Top Nine Worst Breakups” and “The Bible in 30 Minutes or Less!”. I’m actually Eve in “The Top Nine Worst Breakups”, so I guess those audition tips I gave a few posts ago work. I think that was one of my best auditions though, and I was really proud with how I delivered the monologue. This does mean that most nights for the next few weeks I won’t be getting home until 6:30. But never fear, it also means that I get donut holes after school because my school is right next to a gas station. Yay to donut holes and yay to theatre!

I’m actually planning on doing more theatre posts, if anyone’s interested in that. I’ll hopefully still have time for posting with NanoWrimo coming up! I’m planning on doing a separate series of posts for that. If you don’t know, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month! I do the young author’s program, and can not rant enough about how much I love it! Last year I was able to write over 20,000 words, which was my goal. It was a great experience, and I don’t think I would’ve started or finished my book if I hadn’t done it.

So what did all of you do for Halloween, or what are you planning on doing? I think for actual Halloween I’m just going to snuggle up at home and watch more horror movies. Maybe The Purge, I’ve always wanted to see that! Until next time, grab a coffee and have a happy Halloween.


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