How to Give the Best Gifts + My Wish List

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, just winter and family in general)! I happen to be self-proclaimed best gift giver. At the very least, giving presents is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I’d like to say it comes naturally, but truth is I’ve just acquired some gifting knowledge over the years. So sit back, relax, and grab a coffee (or hot cocoa!!!). Here are my steps for giving the best gifts possible:



I like to keep a jar labeled Christmas Presents in my room for loose change and dollar bills. I start collecting around summer, which means dropping a few dollars in there every time I get money. I’ll even take a small percentage of the money I make from babysitting and put it in the jar. This is a great way to be able to get nicer gifts for people because you’ve set aside money to use. You also don’t feel like you’re spending a ton because it’s not coming from your wallet when you check out.


Amazon Gifts!

Ever since my family got Amazon Prime, I’ve been obsessed. I’m in love with the two day shipping, and I can’t imagine life with standard shipping. I’ve got an amazon list set up where I add all the gifts I think about getting friends and family. It’s nice to write down what people want if they ever mention it, no one likes gifts they’ll just use once. I was talking to my friend Celeste one day and she said, “I got a mattress topper one Christmas and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received! I was surprised when I got it, but it’s actually really useful.” I should also add that the mattress topper is the softest thing I have ever slept on, so there’s that.


Shopping in Store

Department stores are your friend!!! I cannot stress this enough. Some of the best gifts I’ve ever bought have been from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. All of their stuff is really reasonably priced and perfect for stocking stuffers or any sort of secret santa. Speaking of secret santa, I’ll throw in some quick last minute ideas for that as well. Blankets are amazing, and so are pajamas, mugs, and desk knick knacks. Secret santa is more about small gifts that are still special. But for real, I’ve found the cheapest goodies from department stores. I got all my secret santa gifts for under $10 each this year which is super nice.


Gift Packages

Every year I put together little gift packages for my friends for either birthdays or Christmas. This can be like one of their favorite movies and some popcorn or a small bin filled with spa themed goodies. These are so much fun to put together and are more personal than just a gift card. When shopping for things for packages, I’ll utilize the dollar section at Target, which has some amazing finds in it. If you don’t feel like wrapping (I’m with you, I suck at it too) put it all in a dollar store stocking. It looks cute and original!


If All Else Fails, Mugs!

Ok, let’s be real. Sometimes you don’t have time to look for a special present that perfectly suits the personality of its recipient. You just need to get in and get out when shopping at times, and there’s one present that will never grow old: mugs! Everyone loves a nice mug, and you can usually find them for under $10. If you want to be extra special, just find some nice tea or coffee to put with the mug and presto, perfect last minute gift!


So now the exciting part, what I want for Christmas! I’m not too hard to shop for, but I’ve always been a fan of things that I will actually use. Last year I asked for a soft blanket and a whisk (so cool, I know). I’m just more of a gift giver than receiver. This year I’m asking for a ring and a gecko. The ring I have keeps turning my finger green and I can’t have a cat, but I LOVE playing with my teacher’s pet gecko she keeps in the class. I also asked my family to sponsor a little kid whose family couldn’t afford presents this year. We were able to get him a new bike, and it’s the best feeling in the world to know you’re helping someone. So how about you? Any tips for becoming a pro gift giver? Until next time, grab a coffee and get excited for the holidays!

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