How to Host an Amazing Christmas Party

DSC_0308.JPGHey coffee lovers! If any of you are like me, hosting parties is your absolute favorite. I’m in love with having parties and making them a ton of fun for everyone invited. Now, I’m not able to throw together something last minute, it never works for me. Usually I have to plan ahead, and it works out really well. I recently had a Christmas party, and we were lucky enough that it snowed for the first time in 9 years on the day of the party! We got 3-4 inches, which you can clearly see in the pictures! So, here are my tips for creating an amazing holiday party that your guests will be raving about until New Years!

    To start off, a nice touch is printing out invitations. Obviously guests need all of the details, and what better way to tell them than with cute invitations! Microsoft Word has a ton of really nice templates for invitations, especially for holiday parties. Word allows you to edit multiple invitations at once, so you only need to type in all of your information to one. It’s really helpful when you have a ton of invitations to print out.

    My friends and I love doing a gift exchange every Christmas, so I got everyone DSC_0253.JPGstockings to put their gifts in. This way as people come in they can place their gift for the person in that person’s stocking. They also make a nice keepsake! This works for secret santa, or just doing what we do and giving everyone small gifts. I think next year we’re going to do secret santa just so we can go all out with gifts, but it definitely went well when just doing stocking stuffers.

    A hot cocoa bar is a must as well! I got a box of hot chocolate mix and a ton of toppings. I’m currently OBSESSED with the ghirardelli peppermint bark, which you can find with the chocolate chips. It’s basically chocolate chip sized pieces of peppermint bark, which makes the perfect hot chocolate topper. You can find holiday sprinkles sets for pretty cheap, and Hershey’s caramel and chocolate sauce go great with hot chocolate. To go the extra step, put all of your toppings in mason jars or cute little containers. Just saying, everything looks better in mason jars.

    DSC_0279.JPGTurn on either some Christmas music or put on a classic Christmas movie that can just play in the background. If you’re like me and have a record player (which you should totally get by the way, but don’t overpay for one), you can find Christmas records for super cheap. If you ever go to a garage sale, there are plenty of Christmas records if the person is selling records. Everyone always has too many Christmas records, I should know since I may have 15-20 different Christmas records. Whoops.

    As for baking cookies-which is a must-Pillsbury Dough Boy is my homie. I swear those sugar cookies will be the death of me, I mean salmonella is just a suggestion when eating cookie dough, right? It’s always a ton of fun to have an icing contest, and Sophia took home the win with her expertly iced dreidel. If you want some more games to play when you have a lot of people, a personal favorite of mine is the oven mitt present game. Basically you wrap a present in layers of wrapping paper and pass the gift with the oven mitts around. When one person is trying to get through the layers of wrapping paper with the oven mitts on, the next person is rolling a pair of dice until they get snake eyes, and then it’s their turn to try unwrapping. This goes on until a person gets the wrapping paper off and then they get that gift. It’s actually pretty difficult!DSC_0299.JPG

    It’s also a ton of fun to have a little wintery photoshoot. We got a ton of amazing pictures in the snow, and the looks of pure happiness on our faces are priceless. Plus, a picture says a thousand words and the memories are cool to look back on. But please, don’t get stuck on your phones. We like to have a no phone rule when eating or hanging out so we can focus on the moment at hand. It’s actually a lot more fun that way, believe it or not. I mean, it’s one of my goals for next year to stop looking at life through my phone camera and start enjoying what’s in front of me. That being said, a little photoshoot never hurt anyone.

    I hope everyone has an amazing holiday! Some exciting changes are being made to the site, so get excited. As always, until next time, grab a coffee and spend time with friends and family!DSC_0347.JPG

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