Current Obsessions

Hey coffee lovers! A lot of you wanted to see what I’m loving this winter, and trust me, there’s a lot of things I’m obsessed with. Also, if you want to see what I am going to post ahead of time, follow me on instagram (@lifeandalatte)! I post polls and keep y’all updated on everything going on in my life. So without further ado, here are the many things I’ve been currently obsessed with:


Of course I have to start with coffee! Lately I wake up every morning and brew a cup of the Starbucks Caramel Flavored K-Cup. I also like the Creme Brulee flavor, but I can never really find it at the store. For creamer I use the French Vanilla from International Delight. When I actually have time to go to Starbucks I’ll get the Brown Sugar Shortbread Latte since it’s in season. I swear I have gotten this coffee every visit to Starbucks since it came out, it’s just so good! Also, this is going to sound weird but coffee from the gas station is really good. I get it before rehearsal almost every day and it has kept me sane these past few weeks.


I’ve been wearing the lipstick Rush by Urban Decay constantly since I gifted it to myself for Christmas (treat yo self). It’s part of the Vice collection, and is really not too bad pricewise. I got it for $17 dollars at Ulta, and it’s definitely well worth the price. The color is like a nude deep purple/pink and is subtle enough to wear every day. And, I know it’s not really makeup, but I got the Rose perfume from Bath & Body Works for 75% off, which was a plus. It’s my new go-to perfume!


If you saw my last blog post about Bingeable TV Shows (which you should totally go check out by the way), you know that I love The Good Doctor. I started watching it at the start of Christmas vacation, and wow it’s good. The newest episode is tonight, and I’m beyond excited! I’ve also been watching Riverdale, but I haven’t fully caught up with the second season.


If you want to check out my Spotify Playlist it’s and all of my current favorite songs are on there. I know it says Winter Indie because originally all the songs were Indie but now that’s not the case (basically don’t sue me please). My all time favorite song is also somewhere on that playlist, so if you can find it tell me and you win at life. I’ve gotten back into Lana Del Rey too after her most recent album came out because it was fantastic.


I’ve been getting into guided meditation and I really like using the Headspace app. The guy who narrates all of the sessions has a nice voice and is super helpful. I also love the Starbucks app and have been using it a lot since I recently got back my gold membership. I was gold status for two years and then got it revoked (I was one drink away from keeping it rip). I’ve been gold again since September and I missed it so much. I forgot how much I love getting stars, I will literally buy your drink if it’s a double star day or promotion.


I’ve been doing some shopping at local boutiques as well as chains. I totally recommend support locals if you have the chance. Another store I’m loving is Sparkle! Designs. I got a Dear Evan Hansen themed necklace from there and it is the most gorgeous piece of jewelry ever. They have tons of themed necklaces including musicals, Disney, and tv shows. I will definitely be getting more from them soon.

I recently read One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus and it was such a good way to break my reading slump. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing style, but the characters and plot were fantastic. Definitely worth a read! I also am super hyped for Ozland by Wendy Spinale since Everland is one of my favorite books of all time. Seriously, give the series a read before the final book comes out in late April. The series is a steampunk retelling of Peter Pan, and it is beautifully done.


So, what are you obsessed with this winter? I’d love to know! See you next week, but until then don’t forget to grab a coffee and stay warm this winter.

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