20 Random Facts About Me

Hey, coffee lovers! There’s been a lot of new people coming to my blog lately, so I thought it’d be a good idea to let you know a bit more about me. What better way to know someone than by the most random things about them?

1.I have a pet gecko

Since Christmas, I’ve had a baby leopard gecko named Gibby. He is currently about 6 months old and the most adorable little lizard ever.

2. I’m a cancer… definitely.

My zodiac sign is cancer, and it is the most accurate description of me. I avidly follow horoscopes because they’re almost always right! Not to mention my birth year, and technically month as well, are both the goat. Another perfect way to capture who I am.

3. I don’t get attached to houses

I’ve lived in four houses the past 15 years, so I don’t get attached to them. I’ve always figured the memories were more important, and it’s sometimes weird to me that people have lived in the same house since birth.

4. I don’t eat red meat

I won’t get into why I don’t because that’s a whole other story, but I don’t eat red meat. My motto is “eat only things with two legs or less”, which has worked out so far. Basically, I only eat poultry and seafood.

5. I’ve grown up with boxers

My family has always had pet boxers, which are the most loving animals ever. They are just so snugly and love kids!

6. I make the best cup of coffee

I will seriously fight someone on this. For being an amateur, I make a great cup of coffee. If you’re special, you’ll even get some latte art.

7. I love collecting pins and buttons

I started with Disney pins and built up my collection. Now I collect all types of buttons.

8. I won a game show

When I was on my last cruise, I played in the Hasbro Game Show, where people are chosen from the audience. I actually won $150 to spend on Hasbro games, which is great since the few board games my family has are destroyed. My little sister is ecstatic that we’re having brand new games shipped!

9. I’m terrified of fire

I once set the kitchen on fire after a grease fire got out of control. Everything was fine because I stayed calm (sort of), and there was no major damage. Still, it left me with a pretty bad fear of fire and burning the house down. I was just trying to make churros!

10. Nothing really scares me

Horror movies don’t phase me. The only movie to ever get me with jump scares was Annabelle: Creation, which has the most perfectly timed scares ever! I just don’t believe in ghosts or monsters.

11. I’ve attended a variety of schools

When I was younger I went to a non-religious private school, then for junior high I went to public school, and now I’m at a catholic high school. It’s awesome to have experienced so many different places.

12. I used to have pin straight hair

Up until age 11, my hair was straight as a board. Now I have a head full of bouncy cork curls!

13. I hate having the same room

Once or twice a year I’ll rearrange my room because I can’t stand looking at the same things every day. I even have two different beddings that I rotate out!

14. I once went almost 3 days eating nothing but pasta

I made a lot of pasta, like A LOT of pasta. I made too many noodles so I made more alfredo sauce. Then, I had too much alfredo sauce so I made more noodles. I ended up eating noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day!

15. Since I was little I’ve wanted to be an actress

I always put on plays for my family and then moved on to making “movies” with my mom’s ipad. I always thought I would be a director/filmer/writer/editor/star. It never occured to that I couldn’t be all of those things at once.

16. I dress like I’m five

You’ll find me on any given day sporting pastels, flowy skirts, and pom poms in my hair. It’s my one true calling in life to be the embodiment of a fairytale princess.

17. I don’t have an athletic bone in my body

My dad was a track and basketball state champion and my mom was the only girl on the soccer team. Somehow I managed to get none of their athletic genes, but I did inherit my fair share of clumsiness. Thanks.

18. I love math

Unlike literally every highschool student ever, I like math. I’m actually taking two maths right now! I really love being able to solve a problem and have a definitive answer.

19. I have always wanted a cat

For as long as I can remember I have begged my parents for a cat. Sadly, my mom is allergic and both of my parents hate cats. One day though.

20. I started this blog because I love writing

I really want to be a full time novelist when I’m older, so I started this blog to pursue that passion. It’s great to be practicing my writing, even if it’s in a different style.


I hope you now know a bit more about me. Until next time, grab a coffee and have a fantastic day!

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