My Favorite Instagram Accounts

    Hey, coffee lovers! I am obsessed with social media blogs, and you find the most creative and stunning accounts through instagram. Lately I’ve been following a lot of new people on Instagram, and I wanted to share what bloggers I’ve been loving. Make sure you give all of them a follow!



IMG_5851.PNG    I absolutely love all things Disney related, and Emilia captures all of the most magical moments. She’s a cast member at Disney World, and her smile literally warms my heart. The theme she has going on is gorgeous as well, and her style is flawless. Definitely check her out if you love Disney and positivity!




    One of my favorite places in the world is New York City, and Katie highlights all of the fun and colorful places. She’s also an actress (and an extremely talented one!), so it’s cool to see her daily life. The colors of her theme pop and always bring such life to my feed. I also loved looking to her account for ideas whenever I last went to NYC!




    Sierra just radiates happiness! Every outfit she wears is perfect, and her makeup is always adorable. All of her pictures put me in a good mood. Her theme has a very subtle niceness to it, so it doesn’t feel forced. Plus, she seems so genuine and kind in every post, like she’s honestly thankful for the experiences she’s sharing rather than an abundance of likes.




    I have always been a huge advocate for mental health awareness, and Caitlin shares her thoughts in such a productive and reassuring manner. She also has great posts about being vegan! I love people like her who work so hard to promote helping others through positivity rather than focusing on the negative.




    Wow I love every post Emily puts up. She’s such a beautiful and creative person! I also am in love with her blog where she has poetry, art, and life. Seriously go follow her blog if you like artsy and authentic lifestyle posts.




    I’ve been obsessed with Katherine’s youtube and instagram for forever! She has all the latest posts about theatre, broadway, and acting in general. Honestly, she’s goals and incredibly talented. Plus, her theatre posts are always so full of positivity, it’s awesome!




    Mallory has the cutest Disney and Universal pics, and her makeup is always flawless. She reps a lot of small shops, and I’ve gotten some of the cutest clothes and accessories based on her pics. Her posts never disappoint.


    So those were all of the blogs I’m currently loving on Instagram. Make sure you give them lots of love! Until next time, grab a coffee and follow those gals on social media!


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