Unique things to do in New Orleans

    Hey, coffee lovers! I live a little less than 40 miles outside of New Orleans, so it’s only natural that I’ve grown up spending weekends in the city. After my last final, my mom and I drove out to go to New Orleans for a night. We left with no real plan for what we were going to do, and ended up having the best time!

    I really wanted to try all of the things we had never tried before, since New Orleans has so much to offer. I texted a close family friend, Jaime, who just graduated college and is an expert in all things fun, delicious, and aesthetic. She gave us a long list of wonderful recommendations. Seriously, without her this weekend would never have happened.

Escape My Room (Must book room 1 hour in advance)

IMG_5903    To start out I looked up unique things to do before we went to dinner. Sure enough, there was a New Orleans themed escape room closeby. Both of us had never done an escape room, but we had always wanted to. The place was called Escape My Room, and I highly recommend it. This escape room was fantastic! Check it out if you’re in New Orleans or are a local who is interested in trying an escape room for the first time. You walk into an old perfume parlor and a phone rings, you then pick it up and interact with a character on the other line. There was not a single moment where the experience stopped! Also, the staff was incredible and super helpful. We may not have escaped, but we will definitely be back to try the other rooms!IMG_5904

Magasin Kitchen


  After the escape room we changed (you work up a sweat solving mysteries!) and left to get dinner at this amazing vietnamese restaurant called Magasin Kitchen. I’ve never had Phở, and apparently I was seriously missing out. We started out with some shiitake mushroom spring rolls and then I got the vegan phở. It was fantastic! I’m pretty sure I shed a couple tears it was so good. It was a “bowl of vegetable Heaven” according to my mom, and that is a perfect description. Also, they cook their tofu really well, which is random but important.

Willa Jean



    Right next door to Magasin Kitchen is Willa Jean, a bakery/restaurant where we went for dessert. We sat at the bar and ordered some incredibly aesthetic desserts, and the staff was extremely kind. Also, side note, the napkins are weirdly soft? Apparently people have stolen them before because they are so comfy! Anyway, I got a mini almond bundt cake and my mom got strawberries and cream. Both were delicious!

Drip Affogato Bar


    My two favorite things are coffee and ice cream, and when you combine them you’ve won my heart! We went to Drip Affogato Bar for breakfast where you order and are given a bowl of ice cream with a shot of espresso to pour over. I really want to hug whoever invented this because they are a genius. Plus, the espresso shot keeps you up for the rest of the morning! The coffee mixed with the creamy ice cream was a perfect combination.

Shopping on Magazine Street


    Magazine Street is the most underrated New Orleans area. On a nice day, walking up and down the street and going into all of the small shops is the best thing to do! We went into my favorite vintage store Funky Monkey, where I got the cutest vintage floral dress for cheap. I also got stuck in said dress in the dressing room, but that’s beside the point. We walked around and went into all of the boutiques we’ve never seen before. I was a bit upset though since my favorite store, Kawaii Nola was closed, but you should definitely check it out as well!

The Rum House


    After lots of shopping, Mom and I stopped for lunch at our favorite Magazine Street restaurant. We always go to The Rum House before we leave to go back home, it has the best Caribbean cuisine! Don’t worry if there’s a bit of a wait, it always goes by much quicker than the estimated time they give you. You should ask to sit outside if it’s nice, those tables become open quicker and the atmosphere around the restaurant is great. This time I ordered the crab melt with a side of mango rice and it was amazing(per usual). If you don’t feel like taking home leftovers, share with someone because their portions are huge! I can never eat more than half of a sandwich and have not met anyone who could finish a full meal.

    The weekend was so much fun, and I can’t wait to go back! Tell me if I left anything fun out, I’d love to hear some suggestions. Until next time, grab a coffee and explore New Orleans!

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