Favorite Summer Books

    Hey, coffee lovers! I’m making it my goal to read more, and I’m revisiting all of my favorite summer books. There are some books that are perfect to read by the pool or just sitting outside enjoying the weather (unless you live in Louisiana, in which case stay inside so you don’t melt). I also just realized all of the books I have on this list are contemporary, which is mainly because I don’t read many fantasies in summer. Nevertheless, they’re all great so check them out!

    The Serpent King by Jeff Zenter

    I’m pretty sure I got this book in an Owl Crate, and I’m so happy I did! The book is set in Tennessee, and I loved the southern aspect since I’m from the South myself. I laughed, I cried, and couldn’t put it down. Loss and love are blended perfectly in the beautifully written page turner.

    The Only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Stirling and Brooke S. Passey

    This one is actually an autobiography, and by reading it, I found myself. I’ve looked up to Lindsey Stirling for forever, and every line in her book is raw and relatable. Her struggles and triumphs inspired me and helped me to discover comfort in parts of my life that were similar to hers.

    History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

    I have never felt such overwhelming emotions like I felt while reading this book. There was beyond perfect LGBTQ+ representation and a perfect description of what it feels like to go through the devastating stages of grief. Though the ending was not my favorite, I loved reading this while sitting in the sun in Destin.

    Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

    Another beautiful story of friendship and recovery after loss. The adorable friend group the book centers on felt like family. The journey throughout the book was extremely well written and I fell in love with every page. The message is heartwarming and absolutely brought a smile to my face.

    Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

    This is the ultimate summer book. It focuses on a summer bucket list and the friendships created from it. The story is an adorable take on living life to the fullest. It also had a perfect ending, which is something I really appreciate in books. Morgan Matson is a contemporary genius!

    Kids Like Us by Hilary Reyl

    Wow this book made me smile. The main character is a teenage boy with autism and the months he spends in France. The emotions he feels are beautiful and perfectly put. I read this as a book club book and it changed my view on people entirely. It’s a wonderful story about falling in love and learning to accept yourself and others.

    Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley

    I absolutely love books that look at mental illness! The main characters are a boy who has agoraphobia (Fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment), and the girl who thinks she can “fix” him. I loved every second of this and have shared it with tons of others!

    Panic by Lauren Oliver

    I saved the best for last. I’m pretty sure I’ve read this book at least 7 times, it’s just that good. It’s set in a dreary town where the graduating seniors play a deadly game called Panic during the boring summers. All of it is thrilling and the characters come from very real situations. This will always be my favorite book, and I’m considering rereading it since the tv series (yay!!!) was just announced.

    Let me know if you give any of these a try! Also, leave me some suggestions, I would love to add some more books to my reading list. Until next time, grab a coffee (iced) and read some books!

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