Nighttime Skincare Routine


    Hey, coffee lovers! After an extremely busy summer, I’m back. As for an update on my life, I’ve been traveling and working like crazy. I want to do more posts on that, but for now, it’s the night before school officially starts. I never actually sit down and do my skin care routine, usually I just hurriedly do it after I get out of the shower so I can go to bed. But…. tonight I actually took the time to take care of myself!

    To start off, I take off all my makeup. I’ll take off as much as I can before I get in the shower, but Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara is tough to get off in one try. I take the rest off after I finish washing my face to make sure I have a clean face before I do the rest of my routine. I use the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes, and they’re the only things that really work for me! While I wait for my face to air dry, I put on my Crest Whitestrips and set a timer for thirty minutes. They actually work really well if you use them continuously, and I’ve seen a major difference over the past couple of months!

    After my face is dry, I exfoliate with two different exfoliantes. I use the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate about once a week or less because it works but can be a bit harsh on my skin if I use too much. I also use the Ahava facial mud mask, and it cleans my pores perfectly! On the topic of exfoliating, using the Lush Ocean Salt when I shave my legs has revolutionized my life. I’ll shave my legs, exfoliate, shave once more, and moisturize. It’s my personal recipe for the smoothest legs!

    Next I use the Lush Eau Roma Water Toner, which smells and feels amazing. With the toner I use moisturizer to fully hydrate my skin. I use Caudalíe Moisturizing Sorbet for under my eyes because it’s lighter, and the Affinia Facial Moisturizer from Melaleuca for the rest of my face. Finally, I use the Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance Serum all over my face and neck.

    To get ready for bed, I’ll make a cup of sleepy time tea or green tea after I’m done whitening my teeth (I swear it works!!!). I curl up with my kitten and read whatever book I’m currently reading (which you can see in the widget on my homepage, just saying). And, I don’t really do too much skincare in the morning because I figure whatever oils my skin produces at night are probably healthy.

    I’m all pampered and (sort of) ready for school… now if I could just finish my summer work. If you like seeing these kinds of posts let me know, I know it’s a bit different from the usual travel and theatre. Until next time, grab a coffee and treat yourself!

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