Staying Positive

    Hey, coffee lovers! I’ve had a lot on my mind and wanted to do a short, chatty post about what’s been going on in my life. My summer was honestly pretty amazing, but with the end of one adventure comes the beginning of another!

    So in short, I had a pretty rough year last year. I promised myself this year would be better, and so far it’s been slowly but surely looking up for me. I have a pretty easy schedule as far as classes go, and I’ve been really good about prioritizing school work. Part of being in such a good mood is that I’ve set myself up to be in a good mood. Each morning I’ve woken up, made my bed, and told myself it was going to be a great day. Don’t get me wrong, not every day has been so great, but for the most part I’ve been content.

    Another way I prepare for the new school year is changing up my room. I don’t know what it is about new bedding, but a simple change of atmosphere makes me feel so good. I may not have control over all of the things in my life, but I have control over the space where I spend a ton of my time outside of school: my room. I have a fall/winter bedding and a spring/summer bedding, so when school starts up I move some of my furniture around and go to Marshalls for some new blankets and pillows. Big shoutout to Marshalls for literally having the best throw pillows on sale because my old ones didn’t match my room anymore. I feel so much better now that my room feels more comfy and personal.

    For anyone struggling to stay positive, know that putting yourself in a happy state of mind is the first step. It sounds like pretty bad advice, but it was something that took me awhile to fully comprehend. Sometimes you wake up and it seems like the world is against you, but it takes real strength to push past that and use those feelings to push you to work harder towards happiness. Tomorrow is a new day as long as you take life one step at a time.

    I have a good feeling about what’s to come, and I’m ready to embark on something new. It’s time for a new beginning, and I’m ready for it. Until next time, grab a coffee and get ready for a great year!

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